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Who are we?

Glass Windows and Door Repair Milton is a registered window and glass business in Ontario, Canada. We are one of the leading businesses in Milton, ON that provides window repair, installation, and replacement services of all types. Not only are we the best at what we do, but we are also committed to doing it, we are diligent and determined, focused on providing more than satisfactory services to our customers.

We strive to meet all our customer’s demands with efficient and proficient results. We are highly and professionally skilled to repair and replace windows to perfection. Added to our speed and trustworthiness. We give you a warranty over every repair and replacement.
We also care about your safety, we aim to make your homes and your offices danger-free and easier to reside or work in. We take pleasure in your comfort and rest assured. Also, our services are cost-efficient, no more buying overly expensive windows and accessories. We provide window repair or replacements at fair prices whilst giving you the whole package.

Our building materials are targeted to be environmentally friendly to reduce our eco-footprint and give back to the planet. On a smaller scale, we give back to Milton by not only ensuring quality repairs but by having over half of our workforce as residents of Milton.

What Do We Do?

We fix rotten window sills, wooden frame shrinkage, and many other window damages like;

We fix rotten window sills, wooden frame shrinkage, and many other window damages.

We offer Window frame repairs, Leaky windows repair, Cracked glass repair and window parts replacement.

Basic repair on all kinds of windows; Vinyl windows, wooden windows, and other window styles.

We offer security; by fixing broken latches and locks on windows, we also replace them if need be.

At Glass Windows and Doors Repair Milton, ON, we also offer car windows repair in Milton

We fix windscreens, cracks, chips, and any other damages. We fix jammed windows We repair the cracks in your windows too

We fix jammed windows. We repair the cracks in your windows too.

We also offer Foggy windows repair in Milton.

We also fix window insulation issues.

Our Mode Of service Operations

Once confirmed you need a window repair, call us on (Insert business number) or reach us on our website (Input website URL).

We respond within an hour or less by;

Offering you a (phone in) consultation with an expert. This is purely complimentary and does not come at any hidden costs. Here, you discuss your window challenges and our experts advise you on the best kind of repair for your windows (this is purely a suggestion and the clients are not obliged to follow

We go-ahead to deploy workmen to check the extent of the damage and then they draft up the total cost of repair service and then deliver to the client.

We fix whatever window repair we were called on for within forty eighty hours, checking with the client every step of the way, and then once done, we seek approval and then deliver a legally binding warranty.

Why Should You Choose Us?

At Glass Windows and Doors Repair Milton, we believe we are your best choice for windows repair in Milton because we;


Offer a warranty on all services rendered

Excellent Record

We have never had an unsatisfied client, only a track record of providing residents of Milton with quality and ultimate customer satisfaction.


We offer a forty-eight-honor turnaround at the maximum.


Our service charges are reasonably priced.

At Glass Windows and Door Repair Milton, ON satisfaction is our priority, our work is excellent but doesn’t just take our word for it, ring us up today at +(289) 270-8664

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